Anxiety affects us all at one point or another. If it is extreme it can be completely debilitating. If it is minor it will still stop you in your tracks causing stress. It alters your life experience often in a negative way so to help Anxiety here are my top 10 Anti-anxiety tools to have in your belt to use every day.

Some times we need to set ourselves an intervention! Are you ready to plan your intervention?

An intervention to Help Your Anxiety can start small or you can go big. There are many anti-anxiety tools out there. Tools that have worked best for me I refer to as ‘like walking through the rain forest’. The vibration of the rain forest environment is completely different to the vibration in your brain. As you walk through you are drawn to the higher vibration and amazement. The same thing happens when you place yourself in any situation that can change your vibration. You come out the other side with a new perspective, a rearrange synapsis or the story on rotation stops. Basically you become connected to you in a whole new way.

Anything that makes the story stop or changes your current experience can help anxiety. Here are 10 Anti-Anxiety tools & must haves in my life that I use everyday to maintain relief.

  1. Firstly remove gossip and small talk about the topic that is running around in your head. It perpetuates the anxiety. When you talk about the topic make it meaningful. Ensure you know the intention behind the words coming out of your mouth. It is always best to tell your story and not keep it inside. My suggestion is make a time to intentionally talk about what is causing you anxiety. Choose someone who will listen and who will not perpetuate the story. Tell it, notice your story, your reactions and let it be. Reliving it over and over doesn’t help.
  2. Reiki is great for brain chatter. The vibrations from the reiki raise and alter your lower vibration so you no longer hold the space for the chatter. The vicious cycle of going around and around in your head ceases allowing you space to get your bearings. Here is a Reiki session in action. 
  3. Systemic Constellations is a mind, body & soul connection tool that I use in my sessions & workshops it is great for finding new perspectives in any part of your life, the different types of constellations vary, the most deep & profound heal past atrocities, traumas, relationships in your past that are affecting you from moving forward now. We often have repeat patterns in our life that cause anxiety. Constellations offer a different view and usually reveal hidden dynamics that you are not aware. Often the root cause of the anxiety in the first place. Systemic Constellations is an amazing process that allows you to move forward in life in a completely different way . This work alters every cell in your body & it ripples to the people around you. It is profound. Hence why I became a facilitator & therapist, I use it everyday.
  4. Meditation is a great way to make friends with your ego, the ruler of your anxiety. Meditation is an amazing tool for getting in touch with your brain chatter and taking charge. Meditation is a magnificent tool for people who want to alleviate anxiety & get serious in knowing themselves. It connects us mind-body-soul. If you haven’t meditated before I would suggest getting some guidance as there are many ways to meditate. It’s best to try a few different ways to see what works best for you. There are many different types, here are some; moving meditation, vipasana, breath-focused meditation, flow meditation, mantra lead meditation.
  5. Getting outdoors, exercising and recharging from nature, yes, hugging trees! Yes it changes you, connects you and it’s free. Trees don’t have an anxious vibration, they vibrate at the highest level of consciousness. Take advantage of that and go be with the trees. You don’t have to hug them just waking through and around them works just as affectively to help anxieyt. The ocean has the same effect. I call the ocean where I go for my daily walk “my office”. It is where I do my best work and get clear while getting in my exercise session.  The vibrations in nature are source energy so intentionally connecting helps anxiety. It is extremely difficult to stay in an anxious state when you are present to source energy. The exercise is really important also as it moves stuck or stagnate energy in your body. It moves pain or unwanted emotions. Walking, Yoga, running, whatever your poison, get onto it regularly.
  6. Practicing Gratitude, change the story. Find a more positive experience help anxiety with a proactive of appreciation and gratitude. You can’t stay in anxiety if you change your story to a positive one, it is impossible. Often it is difficult to do this if you are caught up in something. When I first started making a conscious effort to find gratitude it was struggle. Once it became part of my routine I couldn’t stop and I had list after list. I ran a 365 day gratitude program on my Facebook account for two years. I executed it on Facebook so that I would hold myself accountable and don’t worry other people did also. I had a friend who would keep track of my posting times (that was his thing). It ensured I made it before midnight that day. The other reason I did it on Facebook was so that I filled my social media with positivity. We can get caught in the negative conscience of others, the media, different groups & organisations. Choosing what vibration you want also means choosing the types of people & groups you want in your life, the things you see that become part of your conscience. We think we don’t have a choice but we do!
  7. Time and in the moment experiences, staying present to what is around you. Learning how to open your focus rather than pin pointing on to one thing. Awareness is crucial and you can alter it and take a wider viewpoint. This is something you can learn quite easily and I teach it in a lot of my workshops & in my one on ones with clients. Having a wider viewpoint allows you to see more than just yourself & what’s right in front of you. Giving you alternatives to your anxious point of view. This also allows you to question what you are thinking about that is making you anxious. Anxiety comes when we feel we don’t have enough space so creating space with intention helps with this process. A good way to also look at time is that you create it rather than it being an external experience. I know when I am in a hurry and I can feel my anxiety levels increase, I stop breathe, notice that I am running on external time, breathe again & tell my self everything is of divine time and boom! Guess what, everything then calmly falls into place. Always. It’s only my story about time that keeps me out of the present & how it looks. It’s like being stuck in traffic, you can calmly enjoy your drive on your time and the traffic moves accordingly. Or you can drive anxiously worried and angrily and the traffic still moves accordingly. Often making you later or giving you the sense that you are. You arrive stressed and your day will continue down that spiral. If I go on internal time I am at one with where I am at and go with the flow. My day then continues to follow that path. It’s funny when I think I am running late & I shift my focus, the person I am meeting is usually late or only available from the time I arrive and it works out perfectly. Practicing trust is key to this also.
  8. Witnessing other people’s profound experiences reminds us that our anxious beliefs are possibly not true or not even relevant. When something is profound it connects us on a deep level to our heart & soul. People who come to my workshop often walk away just as connected. They are touched by witnessing the experience of someone else. Connecting you to what is really important, meaningful & courageous in their own lives.
  9. Taking a break – even if it’s 15 mins. Stop, breathe, walk outside, and reconnect this will help anxiety. I always step out and sit on my front step for 10mins between work activities. I sit with the lavender plant, the rose bushes, the herbs, the birds and the bees. Beside the fact that they are extremely beautiful & interesting, it re-connects me to source & in-turn to myself. Use your own garden or a park. I can feel it alter my conscious state from the moment I sit down.
  10. Stay away from electronic devices if your anxiety levels are high. The vibration is low and will keep you stagnate – try a phone intervention. Go 1hr or 1 day without access. This will also tap into your addict so I suggest a lot of breathing through it. Those in offices, walk away from your computer on the hour, otherwise you brain becomes exactly like a computer the difference is the computer doesn’t have a body that respond to the unconscious thoughts creating negative & low vibration feelings and bodily pain. Ensure you walk away. Set an alarm if you have to. It’s so easy to look up and say oh wow it’s been 3hrs. Which we all know is not good for your posture or mind.

As a recovered anxiety sufferer finding support to help anxiety is of the utmost importance. I hope the ideas above get you thinking of ways to help you set your intervention plan into place. I hope it opens you up to new ideas & out of the box ways that you may not have considered and you give them a go. Anxiety often keeps us thinking that there is no way out. That is part of the vicious circle and it is simply not true. As a solution driven coach there is always options, different points of view and even in the moment experiences that can change that racing heart & mind.

If you are struggling with Anxiety & Depression please find the support you need or contact Eiran at eiran@eirantrethowan.com.au for more details on how you an overcome your anxiety & learn more about your emotions.


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