10 Steps to Alignment & Flow.


Are you happy? Do you feel like your life is in flow or do you feel like you are blocked at every turn?  Being in alignment with your highest spirit takes practice but once you get the hang of it you become unstoppable. Check out my 10 steps to alignment & flow. 


The trick is being aware you are out of alignment in the first place. Do you feel great? Are you experiencing happiness and joy, do you feel like you are in the vibe? Do you have a sense of “yes”? These are signs you are in alignment, everything else, anger, sadness, discomfort, fear, are all chances to enquire and follow the below steps. 


10 Steps to Alignment & Flow.


1. Awareness – becoming aware of how you feel.


2. Breathe – Take a deep breath, try not to make judgments on yourself.


3. Acknowledge the choice to change – say I am choosing to change the way I feel because I can.  


4. Surrender the issue – Giving up the issue to the divine to solve in the best way possible with grace, this way enlists the best help and solution to arrive. You must trust it is given. 


5. Allow the unfolding to shift the block. This may come in the form of a knowing, a recognition of a belief a sign or synchronicity. 


6. Use techniques and tools to shift block or journaling, coaching, meditation. Check out my intuitive journaling course here or sign up for my “It’s Your Destiny” coaching program waitlist and receive an align and vibe meditation to get you started. 


7. Ask yourself questions that serve you, like, if I didn’t have this block, limit or rule what would change?


8. Give yourself permission to feel the new “good” feeling or experience, be the future version of yourself that you desire to be.


9. Choose to commit to this future. Say it out loud or write it down, I choose to commit to this future version of myself, I choose to commit to my alignment and flow always. 


10. Ask your self what would my aligned self do next? and take inspired action as though this future is now-here because it is.    


If you have any blocks you can’t over come or require any further assistants with this process why don’t you try some life coaching with me, send me an email at eiran@eirantrethowan.com.au to organise a chat so we can work out the best program for you and ensure we are a good fit.  

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