About Eiran Trethowan

Hi! I am Eiran Trethowan, thank you for considering me to be your coach. 

I super excited to have you here because if you are drawn to my wesbite or social media I would say we have a soul connection already.

I love working with anyone who wants to grow and develop with the understanding that our connection with the universe. I love coaching & mentoring because we are on this journey together & I love creating connections that are strong & trusting. I have clients who even years later send me messages telling me about their wins & how far they have gone on to suceed with their dreams long after our coaching has finished.  

My offering isnt for the faint hearted, in fact I love coaching those with a rebel heart, empaths, intuitive peeps & creatives because they benefit the most from what I do in coaching sessions.  

I dont just do one kind of coaching either I am holsitic in my approach which means I want you to succeed in all areas of life & I have the experience to coach you in life, career, business & leadership.  

I have 20+ years in corporate envinronments and this is coming up to my 9th year of coaching in my business & I have helped hundreds of men and women, although I do love coaching Women to lead their best life because although we have come far in terms of equality we still have a long way to go.  

I’m a solo mum to a toddler, deciding to have a child on my own was a massive leap in my life & one I have helped many other women navigate in the decision making process. I am passionate about creating more women leaders in the world & I love love love energy & my main skill is negotating energy, reading energy & unentangling peoples energy systems to their highest potential.

Coaching people to live in their zone of genius & manifesting their hearts desires while doing so is why I coach. Understanding ones true path makes life meaningful & powerful.  

So if you are wanting real transformation in your life & your soul is calling you to do more than you are currently I invite you to chat or take leap with one of my programs or courses!  

I look forward to getting to know you in the fullness of who you are.


Eiran is highly intuitive & open minded, her uncanny ability to see the underlying issues that are truly stopping you from creating & living the life you want or an organisation in cohesively being successful is absolutely magnificent as she guides you through the issue to a solution or options that are on your path to what you want to achieve. Most people come to her when they are feeling unsure, anxious & stressed or are meeting an issue in life or work that just doesn’t seem to shift in a way they are wanting.

Eiran has over 25 years of experience in corporate leadership & relationship dynamics as she was a State Sales Manager & Sales Leader for various advertising organisations so she has worked with many different industries. She is trained as a family, systemic & organisational facilitator, meaning she works with all kinds of energy dynamics in Business, Family & Life. She is a reiki practitioner, trauma (somatic) trained healer, holistic counsellor & she is a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner. She focuses on all aspects of life to ensure you thrive fully. She is a Master Manifestor & She has a quantum outlook on life. 

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Client Testimonials

Powerful, meaningful and transformative!

Connecting with Eiran and choosing her as my coach/mentor has been one of the best decisions I have taken. I will always be grateful for the spiritual wisdom that Eiran has imparted through the 10 sessions I completed. Through these sessions, I have given myself the permission to open up and grow in a loving way. With Eiran’s guidance I have become more and more aware of the hardwired beliefs I have held on to for years, she has helped me unpack these beliefs in a very safe and nurturing environment. I have been to conventional therapy sessions before however the work I have done with Eiran has by far been the most powerful, meaningful and transformative. Most importantly, I have learned to honour the gifts I have, my strengths, my creativity and I couldn’t have done it without her highly intuitive and energy-centric approach. Thank you Eiran, bowing down to the Guru in you 🙏 forever grateful.”

Lalita, Artist

I’ve said goodbye to stress

I used to be wound up and stressed all the time. Working with Eiran has really changed my life. She has guided and supported me through several life changing decisions and life is now much calmer and peaceful. She’s an amazing coach – inspiring, encouraging and motivating. I would highly recommend Eiran.

Sharon McGrath

A priceless investment

One of the best investments you can make, I’m so glad I met Eiran. She weaves both magic and practicality so beautifully into her sessions, I have learnt so much about myself and the world. Thank you Eiran.

Liana Quach

Truly life changing

Eiran has helped me change my life, my old patterns and helped me through tough situations. Eiran is highly skilled and talented – I recommend her! Go on and take that step… You won’t regret it!

Elicia Napoli

Still not sure? This is when a discussion is the best remedy. I want to take the time to check to see if we are a good fit to align you with your hearts desires & take the necessary steps to get there! So Let's chat & see where the world takes us.

I cant' wait!

Eiran x