About Eiran Trethowan

Hi! I am Eiran Trethowan and I am super excited to have you here exploring & thinking about upscaling your business.

Authenticity, greatness & soulful living are my Souls work, it’s my deepest purpose to Support women to heal the wounds of generations while building a lives of greatness to them that create real change in the world & Opens them to the confidence & self worth their heart truly desires.

Discovering your soul-minded focus & flow, tapping into my soul-reading abilities, building your confidence & find direction with Soul Minded Personal & Professional life Coaching & courses

There are many ways to work with me through pre-recorded courses or coaching. 

One on One Coaching is by application only so that I can gauge the right women to move into the containers I offer because I have limited capacity & I want to feel completely fulfilled in my journey as well. 

So if you are interested in connection with me for one on one coaching spaces are limited and you will need to fill in the application by following the link so that I can ensure your transformation is happening in the right place. 

Once you apply I will connect with you to discuss for there options if their is guidance for us to move forward together or if I may suggest an alternate direction. 

Either way I know the guidance is perfect for both our journeys in this co-creation. 

So if you are feeling the desire to work with me please lick below.

I can’t wait to get started with you. 

Eiran’s Genius is Seeing Your Genius & Business Blueprints!

Eiran has over 26 years of experience in corporate leadership & relationship dynamics as she was a State Sales Manager & Sales Leader for various advertising organisations so she has worked with many different industries. She is trained as a systemic & organisational facilitator, meaning she works with all kinds of energy dynamics in Business so that business can heal wounds of the past & truly thrive while making an impact in the world.

She is a reiki practitioner, trauma (somatic) trained healer, holistic counsellor & she is a Tao Healing Hands Advanced Practitioner. She does focus on the whole person because as women our patterns & dynamics usually started at a younger age & we bring those into our businesses, careers & lives now & create patterns that keep you small & unable to thrive.

Eiran is also a Solo mum by choice & loves to spend time with her daughter when her coaching & entreprenaurial hat is off.  

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Client Testimonials

Powerful, meaningful and transformative!

Connecting with Eiran and choosing her as my coach/mentor has been one of the best decisions I have taken. I will always be grateful for the spiritual wisdom that Eiran has imparted through the 10 sessions I completed. Through these sessions, I have given myself the permission to open up and grow in a loving way. With Eiran’s guidance I have become more and more aware of the hardwired beliefs I have held on to for years, she has helped me unpack these beliefs in a very safe and nurturing environment. I have been to conventional therapy sessions before however the work I have done with Eiran has by far been the most powerful, meaningful and transformative. Most importantly, I have learned to honour the gifts I have, my strengths, my creativity and I couldn’t have done it without her highly intuitive and energy-centric approach. Thank you Eiran, bowing down to the Guru in you 🙏 forever grateful.”

Lalita, Artist

I’ve said goodbye to stress

I used to be wound up and stressed all the time. Working with Eiran has really changed my life. She has guided and supported me through several life changing decisions and life is now much calmer and peaceful. She’s an amazing coach – inspiring, encouraging and motivating. I would highly recommend Eiran.

Sharon McGrath

A priceless investment

One of the best investments you can make, I’m so glad I met Eiran. She weaves both magic and practicality so beautifully into her sessions, I have learnt so much about myself and the world. Thank you Eiran.

Liana Quach

Truly life changing

Eiran has helped me change my life, my old patterns and helped me through tough situations. Eiran is highly skilled and talented – I recommend her! Go on and take that step… You won’t regret it!

Elicia Napoli

Understanding the energy in your life, and changing it, if and when required will help compound your success!

Let's take the next steps together