Leadership Coaching

Feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job?
Do you have a lack of direction & inspiration?
Are you finding it hard to really believe you can get to where you want to be?
Are you ready to begin your soul searching journey to empowerment?

Why Career Coaching For You?

Working with women for over 20 years,I focus on all aspects of your life, taking a strategic & empowering approach for you to create change within yourself, your life, your career & your organisation.

Career coaching helps women at all levels and at all stages in their career:

Women wanting to take control of their career & tap into their Zone of Genius
Entrepreneurs, game changers & women wanting to create change in the world
Professionals looking to climb the ladder, gain confidence & know their worth
Professionals looking for leadership skills
Women who need support within their career development
Women wanting to change their career path & direction
Women needing guidance to navigate their current organisation & improve their relationships
Career coaching teaches new skills and provides resources to make difficult and complex decisions in the workplace easier, with the ability to unlock your full potential in your career & life whilst gaining a balance with your mind, body and soul.

Whether you’re facing difficult situations, having difficulties working and communicating with managers or colleagues, or looking to be a more effective leader, soulful career coaching gives you the skills you need to ensure you make the most of your time at work and in your future.

What will you get from Career Coaching with Eiran
  • Establish Confidence and direction of your career
  • Career and Personal Transitions
  • Sharpen Focus & Goals to make the right decisions in your career
  • Lean to tap into your feminine Power, intuition & trust yourself
  • Exercises to sustain your new inspiration and direction
  • Organisational structure reviews to enhance your team
  • Personal and Business Branding
  • Develop Confidence & Intuitiveness
  • Shifting Mindset – tools and techniques to generate opportunities with your career/clients/staff
  • Learning to “lean in” in meetings & workplace environments
  • Personalised Skill Development Sessions i.e. communication, time management, interview skills etc
  • Work/life balance an soulful living
  • Ongoing professional Support
  • Learn to make mindful decisions that benefit all aspects of your personal and professional life
  • Walk away feeling empowered to be your authentic self in all aspects of life
  • Discover your ‘Zone of Genius’ & living with it daily

Empowerment Sessions.

Empowerment Coaching is for anyone looking for a coach who leads them into the now and to ensure they are ready for the next steps in their life. Sometimes you just need some one off Guidance and these sessions are great for that. Eiran has the ability to see into the options available and what might be the next steps for you.

Empowerment Session Self Investment: $444 (inc gst) 1hour.

Topics covered over coaching are dependant on your development needs but will cover some of the below, during the program you will gain tools in the below areas to assist you in your career.
  • Empowering yourself when you have lost confidence or you doubt your abilities to take the next step.
  • Collaboration – how to enhance collaboration with the use of boundaries, vulnerability & the reduction of shame to get the most out of yourself & others.
  • Introducing yourself & others to a 2-person relationship system that creates safety for staff & yourself to express and create.
  • Learning to step into leadership, even when you don’t have a team, leading your life to live with purpose.
  • Inspired Leadership, inspiring teams, reducing bullying within a culture, learning the impact of dignity & courage to make real change no matter what your role.
  • Management & development of team members & those around you, Knowing when business is business and doing so with compassion.
  • Relationships (internal and external), seeing the humanness with your relationships & developing an emotional intelligence required to inspiring yourself & others. Welcoming feelings & emotions into the workplace in a safe & productive way. Developing empathy.
  • Effective communication to get the best from all parties, embracing conflict to effectively move into a better outcome.
  • Assisting people or yourself in finding the passion within and ensure they bring their best self to a role.
  • Learning how to create loyalty & trust within teams to bring about better results.
  • Overcoming past or current employment issues, incl feeling unsafe in the workplace, redundancy, bullying, business transitions, such as merger & structural changes, change management
  • Conflict resolution, How to get the best out of people, overcoming negative blocks, embracing challenges.
  • Changing the views of a perceived failure & making the most out of what is available in the moment.
    Development comes about through the use of a changed perspective of teams, structure & clients through the use of expanded focus & a human systems approach.
  • Skill Development: Delving into your career history to bring forward skills that you are unaware of, this tool if we need to use it can also then be used to enable staff to complete task that they feel unsure how to do. It is a great technique to use also with staff so that they can delve into their own skillset to create solutions.
  • Empowerment of self & staff that enables people the chance to move from awareness, presence, compassion rather than fear & worry to bring about change.
  • Includes Coaching development
  • Deep diving sessions into your blocks & issues
  • Intention setting specific to your Package & Career
  • Learn to develop Skills & Empower yourself after session
  • Eirans intuitive guidance & Support
  • Job search & interviewing alignment to ensure you are in line with your values when looking at your career & potential organisations or career direction
  • Values assessment
  • Boundary settings skills
  • Emotional intelligence guidance
  • Career assessment
  • Negotiation Training
  • Accountability
  • Intuitive training to work with your Feminine Power in any environment
  • Leadership development & team Guidance
Why commit to a Package Program?

Packages Programs are designed for you to commit to “YOU” & your life. They offer discounts on my time as well as have a magically way of unfolding towards your visions & goals.
Package sessions are usually fortnightly however depending on your needs may be more or less.

Programs vary depending on your requirements and where you are at. 

Package sessions are usually fortnightly but can be dependant on your needs.
Package Investments: Package cost varies.

Call Eiran Today to discuss the best option for you.

Some package & sessions are claimable as professional development at tax time. Please check with your accountant.

Your workplace may also contribute to your training please ask Eiran for further information to supply to your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the price of career coaching?

Coaching Packages Vary in price dependant on your needs. Our Professional Development programs are tax deductible and comes with a variety of payment options.

What type of success have you seen?

Myproven track record of successful, thriving clients are my testimony to what I do. Because without so many people recommending me and what I do, I couldn’t be where I am today.

My  methods of engagement and coaching have been fine-tuned to get the best out of whoever I work with, and with over 20 years’ experience and expertise, it’s no wonder our clients swear by our professional development program and refer their colleagues to us for the same treatment.

Let’s begin your professional development and career coaching journey today

I hope I’ve already inspired you to take a little time out of your day to put your own career first.

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Client Testimonials

I have improved my life and work relationships.

I originally came to Eiran for career counselling, but found so much more – a better understanding of myself and where I’m at and a clearer sense of where I’m going. I’m now well on the way to a career change that I am passionate about. I have improved my life and work relationships and now approach problems and obstacles in a different way. I always leave having learned something new and helpful. Well worth the time and money as an investment in your future.

Alex, Front Office Manager now Financial Planner

I have now landed a job in a Law Firm.

My coaching program with Eiran gave me the confidence & lead me to change my career from a Business Development Manager to following my passion for the Law. Eiran taught me great communication skills to change the way I work that then lead me to realise that my business development although I was really good at it wasn’t what I really wanted to be doing with my life. Eiran guided me down the path I needed to take to study law as a mature age student & I have now landed a job in a Law Firm to assist with my Career Development. I am very excited to be taking the steps that for so long I was afraid to take. Thanks Eiran

Sarah, Law Office Clerk & Student

My resume was transformed to represent me better.

Eiran’s ability to help me build a better brand for myself using my resume & a few sessions was truly amazing, the Career upgrade package, allowed me to see what I was really qualified to do, my resume was transformed to represent me better & to stand out from other resumes when applying for job roles, Being an Senior Executive


I felt safe, listened to and met with respect and authenticity.

Working with Eiran on business or personal matters is such an insightful and valuable journey. Eiran uses her amazing experience, abilities and skills to support and incite transformation at a deep and long lasting level. She beautifully created a space where I felt safe, listened to and met with respect and authenticity”.
Katie, Nurse & Transformational Coach.Last year I signed up with Eiran Trethowan at Open for Life for the Career Coaching Program she provides.I can honestly say I would not have proceeded so well into my business (if at all ) without her fantastic ability to pick up on what is holding me back and then with her remarkable intuition and skills be able to turn things around in both my life and my business.I have also attended a number of workshops Eiran has conducted which have been informative, helpful and a lot of fun.I would highly recommend Eiran at Open for Life if you are looking for a Business Mentor, Counsellor or just want to turn your life around. She is a remarkable lady who is extremely passionate and professional in her business which shows in the results that she gets.Thanks Eiran for all your hard work and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Emma, Business Owner

I now have a clear vision.

Eiran helped bring clarity to my business. I now have a clear vision!

Christina Peak

I now have a clear vision.

Connecting with Eiran and choosing her as my coach/mentor has been one of the best decisions I have taken. I will always be grateful for the spiritual wisdom that Eiran has imparted through the 10 sessions I completed. Through these sessions, I have given myself the permission to open up and grow in a loving way. With Eiran’s guidance I have become more and more aware of the hardwired beliefs I have held on to for years, she has helped me unpack these beliefs in a very safe and nurturing environment. I have been to conventional therapy sessions before however the work I have done with Eiran has by far been the most powerful, meaningful and transformative. Most importantly, I have learned to honour the gifts I have, my strengths, my creativity and I couldn’t have done it without her highly intuitive and energy-centric approach. Thank you Eiran, bowing down to the Guru in you 🙏 forever grateful.

Lalita, Artist

Understanding the energy in your life, and changing it, if and when required will help compound your success!

Let's take the next steps together