Discovering Destiny: Embracing the Unpredictable Path

Recently, I had a revelation: the very thing I was chasing was exactly what my soul was questioning, “WTF are you doing?”

Many people live their lives trying to control their destiny, but that’s where the confusion starts. Destiny isn’t something you control—it’s quite the opposite.

Your FATE is predictable. You can replicate a parent’s life, carry forward cellular memories from past lives, and easily foresee your future. This predictability can compose up to 95% of your life. However, if you put in the work, you can stretch and change your reality.

Or you can choose to live your soul’s truest path—THE DESTINY! The soul’s structure isn’t built for predictability, and this is where many misunderstand manifestation.

Life, inevitably, becomes predictable. Our brains seek efficiency, often translating to predictability. There is value in this—I am efficient AF! But my efficiency comes from living comfortably in the unpredictable.

Society has structured life to be predictable: this is your career, this is who you will be, this is who you will become. It’s only when you heed that inner calling, the subtle voice or the overwhelming emotion saying, “Ugh, this feels so predictable,” that you begin to understand there is something more.

That’s why I constantly change things up. Predictability isn’t my forte; I am a genius in the unpredictable. I don’t follow a rigid schedule; my emails, podcasts, and outcomes are all products of the unpredictable. Each person’s destiny and unfolding are unique, and the potential paths are limitless. If predictability were the norm, you wouldn’t need to hire me.

Lately, I attempted to embrace stability and predictability, and it threw me into a state of BLAAAAAAA! Stable Mable? No, my soul is pounding on the door, questioning who I’m trying to stabilize for—haters, the predictable, those who don’t want to feel? No! This isn’t about me; it’s about their reaction to me. STOP NOW.

Living fully, expressing all my emotions and unpredictable nature, is what makes me thrive. Predictability and calmness were what I thought I needed because society told me there was something wrong with my full expression. DIMINISHING IT MEANS DIMINISHING ME!

Our frequency is influenced by society’s setup—what you can earn, what kind of employee you should be, how you should fit in. Emotions are deemed unpredictable, but they are the key to living fully and finding your Destiny.

Predictable life may suit many, but for the SOULFUL Entrepreneur, it’s akin to DEATH. It’s a relentless feeling of, “WTF, is this all there is?” Repetition stifles the soul.

This is why I live unpredictably. Even when I lean towards stability (like having a daily job for predictable income), my soul reminds me, THIS IS NOT IT. This is not for the soulfully driven human.

Ten years in business has taught me that true wealth, abundance, and contribution lie in the realm of the unknown, in the magical moments where your spirit guides you with intuition. It’s a place where time collapses because there is no time.

Now, in a world of unpredictability, after ten years of crafting this masterpiece, I invite you to join us in elevating those who live soulfully driven lives. The magic has begun.

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