There’s nothing quite like being in your own personal zone, feeling positive energy flow through you, and accomplishing the goals you’ve set to make your life magnificent. You feel like you’re on top of the world, like you could keep this up forever, and you don’t ever want it to stop. Sadly, most people only experience this feeling occasionally, when different aspects of their life randomly happen to line up and things start going well for a while. The problem with this approach is that the time you spend in the zone will be both rare and short-lived. If you want to spend more time in your zone, here are three tools that will help.

(1) Dream big – and plan well

The most exciting experiences of being in flow happen when you’re working towards a personal vision, whether that’s to restore a cottage, raise a family, start your own business, or break a world record. What goals you choose are completely up to you, as long as you’re not selling yourself short by choosing ‘safe’ goals that aren’t what you really want. Whatever goals you choose, though, make sure you have a good plan of action in place which breaks your vision down into concrete, actionable items, because it’s impossible to be in the zone when you’re too overwhelmed to start.

(2) Make yourself accountable

To be in the zone, you have to be acting, not daydreaming. If keeping yourself moving is a problem for you (and it is for most of us, at various times), up the ante by making yourself accountable to someone else. It’s too easy to stay inert if no one knows what you were planning to do, so find yourself an accountability buddy or life coach. This will give you the extra boost you need to get moving, make progress, and spend time in the zone.

(3) Clear your mind and relax your body

To be in the zone, you need to be able to concentrate on what you’re doing, which is difficult if you’re tense, stressed, anxious, or struggling with physical or emotional pain. Techniques such as reiki, meditation, and yoga can help you to clear your mental decks and soothe away aches and pains which might be distracting you from achieving at your peak. As an added bonus, the additional mental clarity these practices offer can help you to stay in the zone longer when you reach it.

Not sure how to start?

Parents and schools rarely teach us skills like goal setting, accountability, and relaxation techniques, so it’s no surprise that many people need additional help with them. If you’re looking for a life coach who can also offer career coaching, meditation training, and reiki, contact Eiran on 0466 495 711 or eiran@eirantrethowan.com.au.