How To Awaken Your Potency.

Understanding you might actually have what it takes.

When I was about 10 I went to gymnastics classes to try & find my thing. 

I went enthusiastically to class on the first day & we have to get assessed by the teacher. I’d got the uniform & I was ready to go. 

Now I wasn’t the best at many sporting activities except for swimming so even though I am very flexible making some of the moves they asked me to make on the first day wasn’t really something I could do. 

The tumble & roll were definitely not in my repertoire & the high beam just seem a little daunting but there I was rolling on the mat around and around even though it didn’t feel or come easily to me.

And I remember very clearly the teacher saying either to me or to someone else, 


I went home and told my mum I didn’t like it and never went back. 

Years went on and I found many things that I was incredible at but the whole time I have been grappling with things not quite working out or paying off the way I want to. 

And the reason was that what that teacher said to me stuck.

It stuck with me that I haven’t got what it takes and that ran through my mind in everything I did. 

Until recently, I was looking for new expanders for a manifestation. I was looking at women who had manifested what I wanted & I would Look at all these women online whom I follow who have success & Money but they never really resonated fully. 

Until today I was reading a story on Instagram from someone I follow & admire about them taking a sabbatical & as I read through her stories I had a visceral reaction to what she wrote about being able to trust herself & the universe enough that she could take time off. I cried.

For me crying is a release and has a distinct message, what am I releasing? & then what am I then rejuvenating? 

For me, I was releasing an expander who was rich & welcoming in an expander who is honest and aware of their potency. 

This got me thinking about my own relationship with the potency, potency of my work, my words, my posts, my actions, and that’s how I started to deep dive into a deep seeded belief 

I haven’t got what it takes. 

It has been getting in my way my whole life & it stops me from taking aligned action, expanding & truly serving the way I want to be serving while making an abundance of wealth in the process. 

That’s how I came to this moment with the gymnastics teacher. That one line, that one statement indirect or direct. Did three things to me. 

One it turned me into a leader who doesn’t tolerate other leaders saying someone hasn’t got what it takes. I don’t believe it is the correct communication when discussing someone’s abilities. There are many many ways to direct someone into their zone of genius – saying they haven’t got what it takes isn’t one of them. And I have spent my time with too many leaders who have no idea how to do this.

Two, I spent the rest of my life trying to prove that I did, which took me off my path every single time. Because for the life of me, I can not even remember that woman’s name or face but I remember what she said & I’ll be dammed if I am going to have that said to me ever again. 

This makes me someone who can do a lot of things well but never really hone in on the one thing I am super duper amazing at. Let alone admitting once I did that my work is that potent.

The third thing was that it created a neurological pathway that I needed to rewire. 

This enabled me to truly see the potency of my work. To truly see the truth of my genius. To truly capture my essence in my branding & where I am going to go moving forward from here on out. 

I am sharing this story because if you had someone ever tell you, you haven’t got what it takes. Be sure to know that actually wasn’t true. What you actually had was a bad teacher who didn’t give you a chance to show your truth & set free & unleash the genius within.

Yes, it may have been the best thing she did for me that day (or so it is said by people who say that line) but truth be told it was shaming & degrading & downright harmful to someone’s self-esteem & worth. 

Your Zone of genius is the end game & today is your chance to find out that you do have what it takes to make a change in your life, you do have what it takes to shine & excel. 

To start a business, 

To make more money

To build a successful team. 

To become a parent 

To lead well

To live in your zone of genius, 

And you do have the potency to create the change you want to see in your world. 

Having what it takes isn’t about the opinion of someone else, it’s about understanding your gifts & potency better than anyone else so what you put out to the universe is very clear & potent so there is no mix-up & the universe can then be very clear in its response. 

Whos in? 

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