Great relationships are absolutely necessary if you want to live your best life because no amount of academic achievement or business success really means much if you feel lonely, neglected, or abused. Here are three great ways you can begin building positive connections in your life, starting today.

(1) Prioritise time together

Whether it’s regular Skype calls with your relatives in another state, family board game time every Sunday morning, or going for a daily jog with your partner, you need to find ways to spend time with the people you care about. Doing this shows your loved ones that the relationship is important to you, and provides opportunities to create happy memories together.

(2) Build your listening skills

Genuinely listening to another person is a wonderful gift, particularly when what they’re saying is deeply meaningful to them. Whether it’s letting your six-year-old tell you all about her favourite movie or listening to your elderly parent reveal their fears for the future, giving your undivided attention says, ‘I hear you, and you matter to me.’ Really listening to another person means putting away your phone, not interrupting, and asking questions to make sure you genuinely understand. It can be hard work, but there’s no better way to show someone how much you care.

(3) Support others to grow

You won’t always understand the dreams and aspirations of your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cheer them on. Whenever you can, provide practical support to help family, friends, and work colleagues achieve their goals – and when that’s not possible, be positive and encouraging instead. The very best relationships promote personal development and growth, so be alert for opportunities to be the helping hand someone needs.

A word about negative relationships

If someone close to you is abusive or controlling, you may need to consider whether or not change is possible. The life coaching services offered by Open For Life can provide you with tools to improve your communication and develop your assertiveness, or support to make the decision to leave a negative situation. Contact Eiran on 0466 495 711 or email eiran@eirantrethowan.com.au for more information on how she can help you build strong relationships that will help you enjoy your best life.