Experience the Magic of a Legendary Queen Unleashing her Destiny!

Discovering your soul-minded focus & flow, tapping into my soul-reading abilities, building your confidence & finding direction with the Soul Mind available to us all on this journey. 

Are you always wanting to make changes to live your best life but not really getting what you want?

Are you wanting to keep the momentum going on changes you have started to make?

Are you ready to get so aligned that being out of alignment is no longer the norm day to day?



When you lead with soul, you attract with soul.


Life is all about you leading your best life, being in alignment with your North Star and manifesting the life your heart calls for.

Your soul has been waiting for this moment, this moment for you to take charge of your life, surrender to the calling and let the universe lead you.

Are you ready to be guided to a place you have only imagined? 

Where you stop yourself from going through fear?

That’s where I come in, with the It’s Your Destiny Program. 


Indulge as the QUEEN you are in this extraordinary program:

  • Immerse yourself in 8 mind-blowing pre-recorded masterclasses that will awaken, enlighten, and align you!

  • Embark on an intuitive journaling course that will unlock your inner wisdom.

  • Learn the art of manifesting with our comprehensive Manifesting 101 course.

  • Discover the transformative power of an Hour of Power meditation course.

  • Join us live in January 2024 for an exciting “New Year, New You” event.

  • Set powerful intentions during a dedicated session with me.

  • Participate in weekly group sessions, training, and healings for continuous growth.

  • Experience the profound energy of weekly Tao Group healings.

This program is your key to a serious transformation over 5 incredible months with me.

Let’s get clear, it’s your destiny! 

Have you heard the saying you aren’t off path you just haven’t been managing it very well?

Well, there is always a way back to yourself no matter how far you stray.  One of the best ways to get yourself back on track is to acknowledge your reality, remember your gifts & make way for your true self to take control. 

This is a process in itself & the best way to get back to yourself is to know who you are, what you want & where you are headed & if you don’t know that, start getting clear.

It’s Your Destiny is designed for you to get really clear so you can manifest your truest hearts desires.

Often when manifesting we are looking for ego driven results & yes it is difficult to know when that is the case, but I will say this, usually when you receive what it is you want the contentment doesn’t follow or your manifestation doesn’t come to fruition.


That is why I am excited to offer this program to you because alignment comes when you understand your soul purpose, your destination, your hearts pull & your abilities to manifest with all that in mind.

It’s time to stop playing small with manifestations that are just because society says you should have it and start to create the life you were born for, the divine path that is lit up so you can step up beyond what your mind could ever imagine and more.


So lets get started!


It’s Your Destiny Online Coaching Program

Who’s this program for?


This is a coaching program for women to gain access to source through guidance & expansion

It will offer transformation in the way you do life, business & relationships.

It will bring you closer to your soul & create connections to source & solutions.

Up-lifting you through your every day life to better outcomes with more ease, freedom & peace.

What this 5 month Transformation includes

1 introductory group session on the 5th July 7pm AEST.


5 x Rapid alignment Group Coaching sessions

These are all recorded so you have access if you can not attend live & trust me when I say if you come to this with the intention of what you want to heal, even if you aren’t directly coached you will receive the healing you desire.

I will take you through key best living strategies and develop your alignment skills!

Value $2666


5 x Constellation Facilitated Group Healing Sessions  

1 per month – These sessions are related to the holistic & systemic healing of transgenerational issues that may be in the way of you choosing your destiny & fulfilling it.

Value $2222


5 x a Monthly Q & A for pre-recorded course work.


This will be a great time to access me for Questions you have as you work through the pre-recorded programs. 


Value: $2222


5 x monthly training sessions on Manifesting & getting aligned with your destiny & fate.

These will be steps that I will be included each month for you to up level you self worth & manifesting game. 

Value $2222


A facebook group to stay connected and ask questions and support each others manifestations.

A community and access to me most days of the week, were you can submit questions, comments & connect with your the other like minded souls in the group.


Connection with your tribe is infinite value.


Weekly Group Tao Healings Group approx 20 across program

This process will be slightly different from other sessions as it will be given remotely. 

Value: $1,760



Manifesting 101

This is my basic where to start with Manifesting course that will teach you how to navigated firstly becoming conscious of what you want to manifest & why.

Value: $555


Cultivating your Destiny Live Masterclass

Living this lifestyle is a choice and understand how to cultivate the best version of yourself is what is required.

Value: $333


Zone Of Genius Masterclass

To confidently understand and then live in your Zone of genius you have to drill down so you can make it part of your every day life more and more.

Value: $333

Special 2hr Imposter Syndrome Seminar.

Really we all have imposter syndrome of some kind or a really load critic, this workshop will help you overcome the imposter for good!


Value: $333

Special SOUL Blueprint Online Session & Meditation

This is a really important part of the program, I take you through a ritual that will download your blueprint that was designed by your soul for this life along with your entelechy, the energy being that connects you with your soul & its journey. It is like a best friend you can call on at any time!


Value: $333

Living with Integrity Masterclass.

This masterclass is about learning to integrate the parts of yourself that you have rejected. This helps with people-pleasing & other egoic issues.


Value: $333

Soul Alignment Masterclass.

Understanding how your soul is your only boss & how positive & negative energy flow through you helps you to clear energy better. This is quantum living x 10!

Value: $333

Bring the Fire Masterclass

Bringing the fire is about taking everything to the next level. It's about speaking your truth & living your hearts desires by increasing your magnificents.

Value: $333


To-Do List Masterclass

This is how you align when you have a to do list & when you don't get things on your list done!

Value $333



1 x Individual intention setting session with me.

I will be your coach for the day via Voxer (a walkie Talkie) app. I will channel, Guide & support you in your vision to reach your goals.

Value $444


Intuitive Journaling Course

This Course will take you through tapping into your own intuition & using the skill of journaling to enhance the information that comes through, 


Value: $333


NEW YEAR NEW YOU Online Workshop

This workshop is my favourite workshop. Its purpose is to clear and let go of 2022 so that you can bring in your hearts desires for 2023.. 

 Live workshop – Jan 2024

10am – 4pm (lunch break in between)

Value: $555

6 Hour of Power Meditations & Journaling Session Recordings. 

This takes your journaling & meditation to the next level so you can really take the required leaps. 

Value $190


1 x Aligned Action Notebook

I will be including as part of your program one of my intuitive journals or notebooks. to Support you in your guidance & actions you need to take during the program.

Value: $22



Any Additional Products with in the Open for Life Services.


The live part of the Program will be on Zoom & will most likely run on Wednesday evenings & Fridays during the day depending on schedules weekly. The pre-recorded is self-led but I will be directing you at the beginning where to start. You can begin the pre-work as soon as I release access to the program.



payment plan option – 10 x $375 fortnightly payments.




If you would prefer to pay in full via bank transfer please contact me directly. 


Payment plan investment: 10 x fortnightly payments of $375.00

Payment plan options are only available through this link.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make a session or course time?

All Sessions will be recorded or be available in the facebook group for you to access for the life of the program.

How do I know if this program is for Me?

It’s written in the stars & your innate desire to be on your own path in a more authentic way will guide you to making the right decision for you. Using your own trust muscle is part of this program so I encourage you to reach out and asked questions to ensure you understand why you are doing this program and at the same time trust your inner guidance. 

Is there any pre-requisites for me To Join this program?

No but you do however want to have a spiritual practice in place Be it journaling, meditation or an alternative form of being in alignment and awareness with oneself. Because this program is self-led meaning you are responsible for the energy you bring in to the container & the intentions you set for yourself to reach your desired outcomes. There is also a no-tolerance policy on abuse, accusations of abuse & projecting your issues into others including the facilitators.

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the nature of the program & the fact there are pre-recorded components there is a no refund policy once the program begins. If you choose to cancel the program once the program as begin, there will be no refunds and all contracted payments must be made. This includes contracted payment plans. If you fall behind on payments or are having financial hardship please reach out to discuss alternative arrangement ls where you contracts will be review. Refusal to pay or an abuse or accusation towards anyone in the business around your payments will result in immediate termination & your details will be sent to our collections agency who will proceed to recover the amount/s due as per the contract. 

Hardship clients will be looked at on a case by case basis. 

No refunds will be given in the event that the “eiran trethowan or anyone representing where business” cancel your program. No reason needs to be given for this and it is at the discretion of “Eiran Trethowan”. 

That being said “Eiran Trethowan and anyone representing Eiran Trethowan the business” will always endeavour to have conversations regarding a respectful resolution for all parties involved as long a both parties are wanting a healthy solution & all parties show up taking responsibility for themselves. 

If you are on a payment plan and do not fulfill your payments all access to content will be removed. Please speak to Eiran directly in the event you are struggling to pay your commitment.

Are there any circumstances where you do not recommend this program.?

Yes if you feel you can not commit to any of the terms and conditions for working with Eiran.

What if I have access to some of the recorded part of the program already

I love that you are already a user of my content. If you are wanting to be a part of this program I suggest you watch these classes again as you will most likely receive further learnings when listening again.

Due to the already high value of the program & the discounted pricing, there will be no discounts given because you already have access to this component. 

Client Testimonials

Powerful, meaningful and transformative!

Connecting with Eiran and choosing her as my coach/mentor has been one of the best decisions I have taken. I will always be grateful for the spiritual wisdom that Eiran has imparted through the 10 sessions I completed. Through these sessions, I have given myself the permission to open up and grow in a loving way. With Eiran’s guidance I have become more and more aware of the hardwired beliefs I have held on to for years, she has helped me unpack these beliefs in a very safe and nurturing environment. I have been to conventional therapy sessions before however the work I have done with Eiran has by far been the most powerful, meaningful and transformative. Most importantly, I have learned to honour the gifts I have, my strengths, my creativity and I couldn’t have done it without her highly intuitive and energy-centric approach. Thank you Eiran, bowing down to the Guru in you 🙏 forever grateful.”

Lalita, Artist

I’ve said goodbye to stress

I used to be wound up and stressed all the time. Working with Eiran has really changed my life. She has guided and supported me through several life changing decisions and life is now much calmer and peaceful. She’s an amazing coach – inspiring, encouraging and motivating. I would highly recommend Eiran.

Sharon McGrath

A priceless investment

One of the best investments you can make, I’m so glad I met Eiran. She weaves both magic and practicality so beautifully into her sessions, I have learnt so much about myself and the world. Thank you Eiran.

Liana Quach

Truly life changing

Eiran has helped me change my life, my old patterns and helped me through tough situations. Eiran is highly skilled and talented – I recommend her! Go on and take that step… You won’t regret it!

Elicia Napoli

Still not sure? my suggestion is to sit, take a few deep breathes & connect with yourself.

Put your hand on your heart and ask this question of your future self; To the woman in me that is confident & has clarity, I know I am committed to letting my soul lead, I connect with my soul now & ask what is the next right move for me? and trust!