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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the art of becoming self-aware to enhance your every day life to ensure you can interact & start to create real change for yourself, in your relationships, career & for general wellbeing.

Mindfulness can be maintained with many techniques that work on your perceptions, beliefs, emotions, reactions & communication abilities.

Open for life offers learning various tools to become more mindful & relieve stress, anxiety & overwhelm including, learning the mind body connection through understanding ones self in relation to others & the world around us.

Mindfulness can be accessed in your day-to-day life & be integrated to make a real difference to how you think, feel & act.


  • Emotional freedom technique
  • Belief work including, the work of Byron Katie, belief tracking & emotion/thought awareness.
  • Muscle Testing & energy clearing
  • Judgement detoxing
  • Effective communication
  • The Art of your Emotions
  • Mindful Awareness techniques
  • Meditation
What is meditation?
The definition of meditation can change between people, places and cultures.

There are many types of meditation which do similar yet different things. However, a general definition of meditation is that it’s the concentration and practice of awareness and a healthy sense of perspective.

Meditation is about understanding your thoughts and feelings without dismissing them, creating a state of mindfulness.

It is a lifelong skill that comes with continued practice, which reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep, relieves addiction or unhealthy routines, as well as helps to alleviate pain and traumatic experiences as you understand and become in tune with your mind and your body.

More than a buzzword, meditation is the process of transforming your mind to connect with a renewed sense of concentration, clarity and emotional strength.

Offering the most valuable meditation training in Melbourne, Open For Life is your connection to a life of peace and acceptance.

Who will benefit from meditation?
If you’re reading this right now then you are the one who will benefit most from meditation.

Your body and mind will become more in tune with each other and help focus your thoughts and feelings.

You will see yourself sleeping and interacting with others better and dealing with potentially stressful and difficult situations in a calm manner. The benefits of meditation are lengthy and cover a range of physical, mental and spiritual areas.

The true power of meditation is not limited to you as you practice though. In fact, the benefits of meditation will not only help you, but those around you.

Meditation will help when engaging with potentially harmful situations and those you interact with because you have practised mindfulness to not react with hostility and frustration.

You will have also learned to place your thoughts and feelings in a peaceful place where you can continue to focus and stabilise yourself.

At Open For Life I am committed to teaching the life changing skills of meditation and mindfulness to help you find the answers to the challenges you face, and to empower you with the tools you need to move forward in life with calm, resilience and self-awareness.

Types of meditation

Meditation for creativity

This type of meditation supports people to practice tools to bring on more creative inspiration. Our minds often get in the way of what one would call the ZONE & we lose our flow of creative information.Meditating every day to bring more Joy & play into your life to create & collaborate with others is one of the best tools to reaching the Zone both as a team & individually. It creates a space within yourself that allows the inner critic to take a seat & for you to truly bring about your creative wholeness.People who want to be more creative are encouraged to practise focusing and visualising, breathing exercises and mindfulness to get into touch with different parts of themselves.

Meditation for sleep

Meditation for sleep teaches us to leave our head in order to rest the body. It’s not focussed on the number of hours we sleep but how relaxing it can be and how rejuvenated we feel when we awake. By practising this type of meditation for sleep we become more aware of the present moment using guided and specific tools to allow us to let go of recent events so we can get a quality night’s sleep.The ability to slow down at the end of the day by resting our heart rate and encouraging slower breathing can see a dramatic improvement in our resting period, which leaves us waking up fresh and rejuvenated every day after a good night’s sleep.

Meditation for anxiety

Anxiety can come up in almost any situation.
Once it appears, it sends us into a spiral of worry and a sense of feeling isolated and alone.
However, anxiety is more common than you think and you’re not alone. Statistics show that 1 in 14 people are estimated to experience anxiety during their life with the regular practice of meditation delivering proven results in alleviating anxiety.

Meditation healing

Healing your body with your mind is a very old practice that involves resting the mind and allowing it the time and space to recover from the physical and mental stresses of everyday life.

It’s a misconception that this type of meditation involves being free of all thoughts and feelings. Instead, meditation healing focuses your thoughts and feelings on the now to establish a healthy new relationship with your thoughts.

Meditation healing provides stability and perspective and is proven to improve your physical and mental health.

Meditation for pain

The amount of stress chronic pain has, not only on the body, but also the mind, can be profound.While meditation for pain doesn’t require you to stop taking your medication, it does help bring calm and reduced stress to everyday life, helping us live with balance.

Meditation for pain has shown in clinical trials that those well-practised in mindfulness are able to alleviate their pain, which allows them to spend their mental and physical energy on tasks and ideas that will help them get to where they want to be in life.

Meditation for children

This type of meditation for children focuses on practising kindness, getting quality sleep, waking up in the morning, and calming and focusing young minds.

Children are encouraged to practise focusing and visualising, breathing exercises and mindfulness.

What meditation will do for you
  • Improving your health
  • Improving focus and memory
  • Improving performance and creativity
  • Balancing emotions
  • Calming nerves involved in decision-making and overwhelming situations
  • Personal growth and healing
  • A sense of spirituality
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Start enjoying the long list of meditation benefits today
Meditation is more than a way to shut off the noise from your busy life.

When you practice meditation you fill every cell in your body with prana (energy).

Across a long and refreshing list of physical, mental and emotional benefits meditation can truly transform your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What does meditation do to the brain?
One of the great benefits of meditation is that it reduces our ‘fight or flight’ impulse when we’re confronted with difficult thoughts, emotions, situations and people.

The natural reaction to meet these times with fear can often become counter-productive in situations that could be handled calmly and intuitively.

Can meditation help with weight loss?
Yes. Meditation can help with weight loss as practising mindfulness can break us free of our needs for unhealthy routines and mindsets. While lasting weight loss is achieved through healthy eating healthy and exercise too, the unconscious triggers that cause your weight gain may be addressed and removed through meditation, clearing your path to the body you desire.

Weight loss begins in our attitudes and thoughts before we ever reach the gym or tie up our trainers.

Can meditation cure anxiety?
There isn’t as much a cure for anxiety as there are ways to reduce, handle and overcome anxiety. Many types of anxiety are overcome through practising positive meditation skills such as achieving vision, clarity, calmness and our ability to control our thoughts and emotions.
Can meditation replace sleep?
Meditation won’t replace sleep as much as it will help you get a better night’s sleep. Rest is important for everybody and those who practise meditation and mindfulness benefit the most from this.

Mindfulness has been proven to increase relaxation before going to sleep also. This is achieved by slowing our minds and heart rates, choosing to put an end to our thoughts about our days, and allowing our bodies to replenish and rejuvenate for the upcoming day.

Why meditation is important
Meditation is important as it helps us rationalise and envision our actions, the actions of others and how we process what happens around us.

Without meditation, a variety of mental and physical health issues can trouble us. Meditation is more of a preventative measure than a cure, so regular meditation practice allows us to live in a happy and healthy body and mind.

What is meditation?
Put simply, meditation is a mental and physical exercise which focuses on breathing techniques and ways to interpret, let go of and analyse our emotions and previous events.

By doing this I can reach a level of calm and focus in both body and mind that would not be achievable without meditation practice. Meditation is something which is practised – just like riding a bike or learning a new language – so its effects are best seen in those who practise often and attentively.

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Client Testimonials

I highly recommend this class to others.

I loved this class! As an absolute novice at meditation, I found that the buildup from guided meditations to unguided meditations really scaffolded me in being able to take these new skills home to use. The classes also catered really well to my partner who had previous meditation experience. There were lots of thought-provoking questions, lots of laughs and sometimes tears too. I highly recommend this class to others

Anne, Teacher

I could go and really relax and disconnect from life’s stress!

I attended the last 9 week meditation classes held by Eiran, not only did the classes teach me how to meditate they were also very informative with lots of information based on meditation and also mindfulness! It was great to set aside one time a week for myself in which I could go and really relax and disconnect from life’s stress!

I would 100% recommend these classes to everyone, whether experienced in the practice of meditation or not.

Adrian Digirolamo

Understanding the energy in your life, and changing it, if and when required will help compound your success!

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