This year I have been narrowing in on who I want to help in the world & I have been exploring niches in the marketing world. And one of the questions that was asked was why did you start to do what you do.

As soon as I put pen to paper I was shocked by what I heard.

The original reason I started to study holistic counselling was because at the time I was really badly bullied by a boss. She was just aweful, not only to me to others as well but I was a main target & today to my dismay I realised I changed jobs because of two things, one was she made me believe I wasn’t any good at advertising sales every single day I went to work even though I succeeded with every challenge and budget that was put in front of me, she made me doubt so much that I lost complete faith in myself and decided that the job that I had loved for 15 years was just not for me anymore, the job that I excelled at I had to leave because I wasn’t really good at it because I couldn’t please her no matter what.

The second reason was I didn’t trust that I could find a company that had leadership that wouldn’t do the same so I wanted out of the industry completely.

This discovery was what I call a shock because I thought it was about making a change and making a difference, which it is, but this meant there was an underlying motivation that made me move from fear and that critic was still following me around.

This completely changed my life but it has never quite flowed the way I want it to. And if you are a manifestor you would understand this is ego 101, people pleasing & moving from fear, which only manifests more fear & more people pleasing. Let alone the relationship with the critic that followed along with it all every where I went.

So as I do I processed this discovery & made headway that uncovered an inspiration that has been there all along but that I questioned some times that it may not be true for me because of this critic.

I know that the universe closes doors to point you in the right direction and for the last 8 years I have been a slowly recovering people pleaser & highly critical person & that my niche really is helping people pleasers who are also Highly Critical of themselves to master their own energy to build wealth, joy, & to live their best life, live their hearts desires & to live their destiny. And today I realised I am highly qualified for the job!

I have overcome so many adversities in my life this just being one of them which has taught me to harness vibrational field sciences, systemic connections, coaching, counselling, energy medicines & so much more. That I also discovered I was amazing at advertising sales & leadership but I am here to serve others who are going through or who have been through the same thing.

So thanks @marketingforhippies for guiding me with your amazing knowledge on the hero’s journey of niching and learning and developing into your purpose and who you serve. I am grateful.

And I am incredibly humbled to serve my amazing clients who have or are going through a hero’s journey themselves and living their destiny just as bravely.

And I can safely say, this movement and every movement forward is no longer from fear, I am inspired to be here from the divine & this is written from my heart, the genius of inspiration.

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And if it’s not resonating with you I send Blessing to you and hope that you find your why along your journey as well. 💜🌟