Living With Integrity Workshop


Let me take you on an incredible Journey exploring your true essence and your connection to oneness in this amazing recorded Workshop Living with Integrity. It is an exploration, a questioning & a deepening for you to feel more connected.

I wil go into the ego driven integrity v’s the whole hearted integrity & how for you to find ways to feel more fulfilled.

The workshop includes an amazing meditation activation that you can do over and over to get back into alignment with your whole self.

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Integrity is a key to wholehearted, divine living. Eiran will take you on an incredible Journey exploring what does Living with Integrity mean & feel for you, so you can really become clear on your hearts desires & feel connected to them. It includes an activation that deepens your connection with your wholeness & the oneness of the Universe. Clients are raving about it & are going back and listening over and over because it makes them feel so good.