VIP Magnetic Soulful Events 2023




Is the world 🌍 out there getting you down?

With the world in the state it’s in we can lose sight of our visions & dreams easily & get sucked up into a vortex of attracting crap.

Landing yourself in the void over and over

Feeling lost in a place you feel you can’t get out of.

Not being able to communicate what you want.

Losing hope on the results you are wanting to achieve and trying to change it by sliding the same thing over and over!

Procrastinating your big visions for the sake of peace.

Sacrificing your big visions for smaller ones to keep the peace & not make waves.

When all you really want is to achieve the result but you keep losing focus and can’t seem to stay aligned to your vision.

And so it starts to feel like a lost cause or your visions feels too big to bring it all together.

It’s necessary to stay focused and on point but in a way that’s doesn’t mean you’re constantly trying to make it happen.

Imagine Being in a place of sovereignty, with boundaries like a queen, of divine connection, of oneness.

Where you will Stop being caught up in the world around you Setting yourself up for success in 2023.

Being aligned & Focused throughout the years

Stepping into your integrity when you most need it.

Being in integrity to stay aligned & focused to your visions for the year ahead & through out.

Having the space to choose yourself & nourish your magnetism to manifest your dreams.

The year to have it all!

Join me in the Magnetic Soulful Events across 2023 so you see 2023 through like a boss

This is the Upgrade to The VIP Magnetic experience

Where you will enjoy extended voxer time with me once per month of in group voxer throughout 2023. $4444 includes 3 events! On the first Friday of every month. (Includes events in the pricing!) or 12 payments of $444 per month. Ask me for payment plan link if you would like this!