Manifesting 101 Course

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Manifesting 101 Course! 

Are you a Conscious Manifestor?

Are you are inconsistent?

Do you lose faith?

or Do you just want to be better at it?

If you answered yes to any of these then this course is for you.

It’s time you got clear about manifesting. 

And my short course is just what is required for you to take your manifesting to the next level. 

You will Learn:

  • Module 1 – The Art of Manifesting
  • Module 2 – Divine interpretation
  • Module 3 – Active Faith
  • Module 4 – Realignment when you get off track & I have included an amazing quantum activation meditation to support you when you get off track.

Manifesting is a Lifestyle Choice, so if you are ready to make a commitment to you & the Magic of Manifesting, I invite you to join me for the Manifesting 101 recorded course to study at your own pace and have ongoing access to re-visit any of the learnings. 

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I'm Eiran a Life, Career & Spiritual Coach & I've been consciously manifesting in my life for over 10 years and you name it, I’ve tried it until life took an interesting turn and I had to really surrender to the process to manage to get it down pat to teach you here today. 

Manifesting is an interesting thing & it’s not always about becoming the billionaire, and millions of followers & the life a lot of manifesting coaches show you.

Manifesting is about living your destiny!  The path that your soul set out for yourself. It’s about your learnings & desires & karmas which is why someone may manifest one thing and get it and someone else tries to manifest it and it never comes. 

A few years back I was manifesting a partner and a child all at the same time and after many many dates and failed relationships, I began my conception journey with IVF when I was 41. After 4 failed attempts and repeated devastation, I decided that wasn’t the path for me and I surrendered to the universe, if I was meant to have a baby or partner it was totally up to the divine. 

So I followed my intuition and guidance to learn new ways to manifest and have combined the best of the best and know what works and what doesn’t and what blocks can get in the way. From family systems to past lives, to lived experiences, to mindset & many different techniques. I am now 46 and manifested my daughter into my life with the use of quantum meditations and living the processes I now teach. At the time I wasn’t actually manifesting my daughter, I was manifesting being happy and decided that the universe knew better than I did on what that would look like.

Eventually, approximately 12 months later of being coming a manifesting master, I was offered embryos via donation and I knew the day I got that call that this was my baby, this was my truth & my happy moment. It was exactly in vibration with my daily practices, the feeling was a perfect match. 

Manifesting is an art form, it’s a lifestyle choice, it’s a spiritual choice and it involves lots of personal development so that you are truly aligned within you to create. 

Manifesting is co-creation at its best and if you learn anything from me just from reading, let alone in my courses & programs it’s that the moment you create from ego you will be limited in what you can create. Partnering with the divine or the universe or god whichever you choose as your label is the only way to your true path and calling will enhance. 

I’ve manifested money, jobs, relationships, my daughter, clients, experiences, answers, intuition and mostly I have manifested joy, freedom, divinity, self-love and a life that I love. I now teach that to my clients & in my, it’s your Destiny yearly program to amazing women. 

Manifesting is my Jam, so if you want to join the vibe, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and raise yourself to the penthouse! 

See you in the course and Facebook group. This is your chance to lead the life you desire!