Pressure Free Program





This An 8 Week container where we are going to release your pressure for good.
Container opens 7th of December 2023
3 weeks on 2 weeks off 3 weeks on. (Thurs evening AEST) on zoom.
Voxer community lead chat
And 6 group sessions to unpack your pressure that includes the following
Get ready for a transformative journey with this 8-week roadmap to a pressure-free life:
  • Week 1: Tapping into your true capacity
  • Week 2: Kissing goodbye to past pressures and paving the way for a new story
  • Week 3: Clearing the air of negative energy and ditching any lingering family or karmic baggage
  • Week 4: Time to recharge and take a breather
  • Week 5: Same here, another week to relax and let your mind wander
  • Week 6: Crafting a life free of pressure by learning the power of “No”
  • Week 7: Dealing with any unexpected pressure that pops up
  • Week 8: Breaking free from fate and writing your own destiny – shedding the past to glide smoothly into a bright future.
I am inviting you to join in this amazing container to really remove the pressure for good.

Recordings will be made available.