Tao Healing Monthly

$199.00 / month

You are signing up for a monthly Tao Healing subscription. This includes 4 healings per month & will delivered on a Monday evening remotely at 8pm. So make yourself comfortable & relax knowing your healing is coming through within the hour. You can send through specific requests to me via email or DM. Each healing Includes a channelled message if one comes through as well.

Please place what you would like your healing for in the notes from the below list. As it is a monthly subscription I will hold your request each week as part of the blessing if you want it to be specific please advise me. Ie if you want to narrow down your request.

Tao healings can be used for 

Health issues

Financial issues

Personal finances

Relationship Issues


Body parts & systems

Business Issues 

Soul Client Connections

Product or program issues 

Emotional Health

Mental Health

property, land

and energetic systems such as chakra’s or human design centres that need to be cleared. 

By Signing Up to this class you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Note: we do not suggest you use this as an alternative to your medical advice but in conjunction to offer you the best healing possibilities & support. Some issues may take longer than one transmission to see or feel the full effects & changes. You may not feel any change straight away it can take a few days to take effect.

You can cancel your subscription at any time & you will be given healings until the end of your last payment.

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