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When you Lead with Soul, you Attract with Soul.


It’s Your Destiny 6 Month Coaching Program NOW OPEN

1st Live Session Start on 15th June, 2021

How to start to live your best life now free Webinar!

“Thank you for this free seminar. I can see and feel your passion for what you do.” 

“Yes, it was fantastic thank you so much Eiran!”

Soul-led Women

Coaching Programs with Eiran!

“Eiran was born for this work. She is powerful, intuitive and confident. I have got so much out of Eiran’s programs. I recommend Eiran wholeheartedly. She is a rare talent. Much love and appreciation.”

Giovanna, Self Employed

IT’S YOUR DESTINY 6-month program!

7 x 1 hour Group Online Coaching Sessions & 6 months access to Eiran through the It’s Your Destiny facebook group.

I will take you through key best living strategies and develop your alignment skills!

Value $4,550


Defining Success workbook

A workbook that you can download to define success for you so you can begin to alignment to your values and soul goals

Value: $25


6 x Uplevel Now 1hr Group Online Journaling Sessions online in facebook group.

Journaling is an important part of uplevelling and it is a skill that can take you to the highest vibrations and mindsets. These are sessions to upskill this work.

Value: $666


Soul Goals workbook

Once we get going you are going to have a place to work through your Soul goals with guidance, I have designed this so you can really delve into this work.

Value: $39


6 x 1hr Q&A Hot Seat Coaching Sessions online

This is your chance to ask questions and work with Eiran in the Hot seat so the group can learn and you can really delve deeper.

Value: $1650


3 x Zone Of Genius Training sessions online

To confidently understand and then live in your Zone of genius you have to drill down so you can make it part of your every day life more and more.

Value: $444

Special 2hr Imposter Syndrome Seminar.

Really we all have imposter syndrome of some kind or a really load critic, this workshop will help you overcome the imposter for good!


Value: $333

2hr Special Blueprint Online Session

This is a really important part of the program, I take you through a ritual that will download your blueprint that was design by your soul for this life along with your entelechy, the energy being that connects you with your soul & its journey. Its like a best friend you can call on at any time!


Value: $333

 6 x Monthly 30min Manifesting Meditation Sessions live in Facebook Group.

Using meditation for Manifesting is really important and to get into alignment and flow. These are going to tap into different ways you can enhance your flow and bring in your manifestations.


Value: $300

2 hour special Seminar

To do list building so you can live in alignment with your North Star.

Understanding your north star and how you can align with in on a daily basis, this session leads into the to lists.

Value: $333

Weekly Journaling prompts in your inbox/facebook group to stay connected and aligned.

That’s 26 Journaling prompts to tap into your unconscious beliefs that limit you and to achieving success in every aspect of life so you can live life with ease, joy & freedom.

Value: $286


A facebook group to stay connected and ask questions and support each others manifestations.

A community and access to me most days of the week, were you can submit questions, comments & connect with your the other like minded souls in the group.


Connection with your tribe is infinite value.

Download program dates here.


Align with your heart & Soul – It’s Your Destiny Bonuses!

2hr Group Intention Setting workshop online

When you can learn to manifest & set intention in groups you will be able to facilitate the people around you better to be, this skill will something you can pass on and also its a great way for us to put power and energy behind your hearts desires. 


Value: $333

Divine Living Course

An opportunity to change & develop yourself through non-traditional & traditional forms of getting in touch with your spirituality & aligning with your divine Self.

Value: $444

Manifesting Magic Course


4 part training on Manifesting 101. 

Learn the do’s and don’t of manifesting as well as some great techniques to manifest your dreams.

Value: $444


TOTAL: $10,180



ADDITIONAL 15% off either package applied at checkout! 


TOTAL COST: $5,555 (inc gst)


Payment plan cost: 6 x monthly payments of $1,111.(inc gst)




ADDITIONAL 15% off either package, which is up to $999.99 off!

It’s Your Destiny: We all have a future, the question is do you want to take control of your future and create the life you dream about or are you happy to jump on the do do do and over do bandwagon or the passive pull pull pull me along wagon? both are options that in the end lead you to repeat patterns over and over and never really get where you want to go. 

The other thing we do is completely ignore the pull, are you going to continue to ignore the pull?

To follow your destiny takes courage as it often goes against the norm of society or the norm of what you think you can actually do. 

Coaching Programs with Eiran.

“Loved it! I gain so much more insight into my year ahead and how I can make clear steps towards making it the year I fully, on all levels, commit to me and what’s most important in my life, health and career. Eiran supported me to see what I needed to see in order for me to make different choices and remove the old blocks and simply ‘Go for it’!”

Katie, Business Owner

Coaching Programs with Eiran.

“One of the best investments you can make, I’m so glad I met Eiran. She weaves both magic and practicality so beautifully into her sessions, I have learnt so much about myself and the world. Thank you, Eiran.”


Liana, Pilates Instructor.

Still Undecided? 

My suggestion is to sit, take a few deep breathes & connect with yourself.

Put your hand on your heart and ask this question of your future self; To the woman in me that is confident & has clarity, I know I am committed to letting my soul lead, I connect with my soul now & ask, What is the next right move for me? and trust!

Tooba Soomro

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