Top 5 spiritual tools to feel more in control of your life.

Often your intuition can be hit and miss which makes you feel out of control of what is happening in your life. Gaining access to tools that will bring your spiritual practice to new levels allows you to feel in control of your life and destiny which is key to living an empowered and flourishing life. These top 5 spiritual tools to feel more control of your life are my favourites because once you learn them and gain confidence with them they are always at your finger tips. 

(1) Intuitive Journaling:

Journaling really is an art form in itself and is way to get into alignment with your heart and soul. A lot of people find it difficult to get started and find their mind gets in the way. I say to begin just write something or set an intention or question at the top of the page that aligns you with the divine or your spirit guides to get things moving. To learn more about this amazing tool check out my intuitive journaling course here. 

(2) Dream Interpretation:

Dream interpretation, this is one of my favourites and really it’s an tool that can be learned by anyone once you know what questions to ask and how to process the information. Learn the art yourself so you can interpret your own dreams and tap into your intuition so you can feel more control of your life. Once you have learned dream interpretation you will have your own guidance or book a coaching session and bring your dreams along to find out what your subconscious and intuition is telling you. 

(3) Divine Prayers:

One of my favourite of the top 5 spiritual tools to feel more in control of your life is divine prayer. Enlisting the divine everyday is a powerful tool and if your don’t ask you don’t get. How you ask important, being clear and concise but not being specific as the divine always has a better plan than what you can imagine. Here is an example  “divine beloved show me the way to express myself to you that is in accordance with my divine right show me this with grace and ease”. It’s specific but open to guidance in ways you may not have thought. If you want more examples download my top five divine abundance prayers for free to combat your fears about not having enough money here

(4) Intuitive Meditation:

Intuitive Meditation really offers your the chance to connect with the deepest parts of your sub-conscious and often tells a story to bring awareness. It’s insightful and taps into your own intuition as well giving you much needed guidance as well. I teach this to all of my coaching clients.

(5) Follow your curiosity and hunches:

Follow your curiosity and hunches are what makes all the difference and provide active faith to the universe. When you ignore them the universe can’t quite make things happen for you because your path is off balance because you are not participating. Take for example you may want to a new property to live in so you do all your intention setting and everything feels great and you have a hunch to buy a lamp for your new home but you convince yourself it’s too expensive or not worth it until you get there. This is a hunch that the universe will provide, ignoring this tells the universe you don’t trust and believe she has your back. Go with your hunches.

If you want to learn more about your intuition and gain access to tools contact Eiran eiran@eirantrethowan.com.au for more information about her Coaching Services.