No job is perfect. No matter how wonderful your employers are or how satisfying your day-to-day tasks can be, there will be times when things go wrong. There will be days when customers are unreasonable, suppliers let you down, or the computers fail for no apparent reason. There will be frustrating coworkers and pointless paperwork and times when you’d really just like to be at home playing with your kids. Underneath all of that, how do you tell if you really do love your job?

Two words sum it up: trust and purpose.

Do you trust your employers and colleagues?

In a good workplace, there’s a lot of trust. You trust that your colleagues are doing their share of the work and that no one person is being left with all the worst jobs. You trust that if a problem arises, everyone will work together to solve it. Importantly, you trust that your employer will treat every member of staff fairly and equally and that they care about you as a person. It’s very difficult to truly love your job if you don’t feel secure when you’re at work.

Do you feel that your work is purposeful?

Your workplace might be fun and your colleagues might be wonderful, but if you have a lingering sense that all your hard work is not accomplishing anything meaningful, chances are you’ll be looking for something new sooner or later. By contrast, people who love their jobs work for companies they believe in, and their work has a clear sense of purpose. Think about what ‘purpose’ means to you, and whether your job is helping you to achieve it.

What if you don’t love your job?

Everyone deserves to love their work. If you’re currently in a situation which is lacking trust, purpose, or both, it’s time to make a change. Career coaching can help you to plan your next move, experiencing personal growth and achieving your goals along the way. Contact Eiran on 0466 495 711 or eiran@eirantrethowan.com.au for more information on how she can help you find a job you truly love.