Course summary

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of mindfulness meditation, proven to reduce stress, anxiety and increase happiness and improve health. This course is designed for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding or develop their meditation practice. Gain a more in-depth understanding of the mind and body connection and take your well being into your own hands. What you will learn

  • a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • an understanding of the mind and body connection
  • techniques and an understanding of how to ‘switch off the mind’
  • useful techniques for stress management

About your Tutor

Eiran has been learning, using and teaching mindfulness meditation techniques for over 12 years. She is highly experienced in teaching others about the mind and body connection and emotional intelligence.

COURSES available

Need to get motivation? Need to gain more control in your life? Join me for 6 x Saturday morning at 9am for an Hour of Power meditation & journaling program online to get into alignment to live your best life.
Learn how to meditate & incorporate journaling so you can use the tools you learn in daily life to get in alignment & take inspired action to live your best life.
What will happen across the six fortnightly sessions: The sessions will be split between both meditation and journaling. Some techniques will just be meditation, some will be both & some will be journaling. It teaches you how to align & feel more in control of your destiny & taps into your intuition & inner guidance systems. It’s a tool you will be able to take away because you will be using it in between each session as well.
This course is for anyone willing to learn and if you are a beginner for either meditation or journaling, the first session will do a quick dive into meditation so if you want to take the leap feel free.
Must book all sessions.
$190 inc gst
No refunds will be given once sessions begin.
Online Sessions will be fortnightly with the first session starting at 9am (AEST) on Saturday, 2nd October, 2021
Tools to live your destiny.
Book now to grab your spot in the zoom class!

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